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A Proven Weight Loss
Solution For So Many

The LAP-BAND® System is a safe and proven weight loss solution that helps you lose the weight and keep it off. In fact, we hear from people every day who have found success with help from the LAP-BAND® System.

“I trust the band and
myself. This is my tool,
and I’m in charge. It’s a
great partnership.”

Jesica, 36
Works in Management
LOST OVE R 1 1 5 LBS .

Feel Full Faster. Stay Full Longer.

So, what does the LAP-BAND® System actually do? The band is placed around your stomach to reduce your stomach’s capacity, restricting the amount of food you are able to eat at one time.13 That means you feel full faster and stay full longer, allowing you to be in control of your weight loss. It’s a safe and effective FDA-approved tool that will help you gradually lose weight and keep it off long-term.