Obesity Linked to High-Fat Meals and Heart Disease

New research shows that eating fast food can affect the inflammatory responses in blood vessels. Triglycerides, fat molecules associated with “bad cholesterol”, are known to increase the inflammatory response of the endothelium cells lining the arteries.

A project at UC Davis is trying to measure the triglyceride levels that can cause endothelial inflammation to help understand a person’s risk for vascular disease.
There is a link between belly fat, inflammation and thickening of the arterial walls that can cause heart disease and strokes.

The study took 61 volunteers with normal and high fasting triglyceride levels and different waist girths and fed them 2 breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and orange juice.

After eating the high-fat meal, a particle called triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (TGRL) can bind to the endothelium lining arteries triggering inflammation and causing an immune response that brings white blood cells to repair the damage.

The researchers found that those with waists larger than 32 inches and high blood levels of triglycerides produced large TRGL particles which bound easily to the endothelial cells and caused inflammation in response to this immune chemical “trigger”.

Over time this leads to atherosclerosis, heart disease, and strokes.

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  1. Anshu says:

    Just getting to this now I am so bienhd on blog reading! I’ve been mulling this over, like you, and I have actually come to the opposite conclusion. I think that agave, when processed properly, isn’t all that different from pure maple syrup. I wouldn’t use EITHER one in large quantities. But like you, too, I feel okay when I eat (a teeny bit of) agave, but not sugar. Have you tried yacon syrup? It’s outrageously expensive but works, too. And my local health food place just started stocking yacon powder, which I’m sure is much easier to use.

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